3. Girls with tattoos❤️

  4. Yep!

  5. wholeandhealthy:

    Pinkberry Banana Maca Smoothie Bowl topped with a strawberry, white mulberries and raspberries #meals ❤️

    I used my favorite @organicburst maca for this beauty 😘

    I love when the food look beautiful ❤️

    (via be-healfit-deactivated20140626)

  6. Eggwhites and pepper! Yum ❤️

  7. Stay positive, live happy, be free!

  8. Work hard, play hard

  9. Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exist.. 🙏

  10. Egg in avocado; cooked in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 200 degree celsius.
    Add fetacheese, salt and pepper.

    Healthy and deliscious! 💚💛

  11. Spring feelings ❤️

  12. Nike Flashrun 21/12-2013
    The darkest night of the year!


  13. Afriend told me i was delusional, I almost fell of my unicorn..


  14. Christmas time ❤